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EP. 04 - Shin Kawamata, MD, MhD, Director of the R&D Center for Cell Therapy at the FBRI.

Shin Kawamata, MD, PhD, Director of the R&D Center for Cell Therapy at the FBRI (Kobe, Japan) shares with us his longstanding expertise on the quality control of iPS cells for clinical use in Japan, as well as his views on the future of QC for iPS-derived cell products, to reduce costs and improve safety for patients.


The story Behind

In the Stem Cell Jungle

The idea of having laid-back conversations with academic and industry leaders in the field of stem cells and cell therapy comes from Maxime Feyeux, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of TreeFrog Therapeutics.

Maxime was one the first PhD students to work on iPSCs in France, and authored an early paper on the genome instability of human pluripotent stem cells (Nature Biotech, 2008). With the webcast In the Stem Cell Jungle, he aims to share its passion for stem cells and their applications.​

 In the Stem Cell Jungle ! Webcast by Maxime Feyeux, Co-founder & CSO of TreeFrog Therapeutics

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